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SUNGSUNGMANDUK It is the time to need technological innovation in order to purify the earth's environmental contaminations and to leap into the new spiritual civilization to come.

The epochal outcomes of the gravitational energies between stars and the Earth. Those are Yong Uong Celadon Ceramics, Pungmiin Soap and Gwang Gwang Ja Candles.


The Yong Uong Celadon Ceramics have diverse functions improving and purifying the quality of water and also receiving vital energies from enormous stars in the sky.
+ The Yong Uong Celadon cup can clarify and then increase the energy level of water inside the cup.
+ The disc shaped Celadon cooking stone can harmonize the tastes of the foods like rices, soups and stews and also make them more delicious.
+ The Yang Yang Kang Celadon jar can lift up the supporting forces of back bones, so can straighten up the spine.
+ The Celadon beads can neutralize the electromagnetic waves from cell phones and harmful atmosphere.

The almost all kinds of natural elements like water, fire, soil, color, sound and woods and the potter's genuine devotion are harmoniously permeated into the manufacturing of the Yong Uong Celadon.

The Gongtori Daebang Thermotherapy Celadon Clinic Cells built under the supervision of the manufacturing technology of Yong Uong Celadon Ceramics can enhance self immune system and protect yourself against numerous diseases using the vital energies generated by gravitational forces in mother's womb. The Yong Uong Celadon Ceramics have various sorts of products such as beds, chairs, cups, jars and vases and also can tailor made.



The Gwang Gwang Ja is an invisible light in the sunlight which can penetrate through all materials and remain their shadows having own information and energies on the ground. Inversely, the Gwang Gwang Ja also neutralizes the shadow's energies and information. The Gwang Gwang Ja exists in the lights from the sun, stars and magma. The Gwang Gwang Ja Candle lights can give out the synchronized lights to vicinity atmosphere.

The Gwang Gwang Ja candle can neutralize the toxic pollutants or acrid smells emitted from concrete walls, chemical bonds in the new apartments or houses. The candle lights can relieve strain or fatigue in the eyes and also refresh your head and mental status.

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